Bar-B-Q in the Park The staff, volunteers, past and present youth participants of the ReCreation Center all come together for our annual BBQ. We celebrate all of our accomplishments and enjoy plenty of food, relay races, skateboard races, softball, valley ball, and dance contests.

Thanksgiving The ReCreation Center distributes Thanksgiving baksets during the annual Thanksgiving giveaway. This is a great accomplishment and achievement for our youth participants and the community at large. The ReCreation Center collaborates with various churches, Daddy Bruce Thanksgiving outreach, Jesus Saves, and other community entities. The ReCreation Center has distributed over 600 turkeys and have cooked and served over 2,000 meals.

Thanksgiving The ReCreation Center takes great pride in our annual Christmas Toy Drive. ReCreation Center youth participants lend their hearts and time to the less fortunate with our gift wrapping parties, banquets, adopt an apartment complex, and gift delivery out of the back of the ReCreation Center van. The ReCreation Center collaborates with the Marines Toy-for-Tots, All Nations Church, Pendulum Foundation, Promise Keepers, and various other non-profit organizations.