MLE Africa Mission

MLE Africa Mission is a global coalition of young people committed to help realize and develop their dreams. We inspire each other to bring cultural differences and various lifestyle experience to a common unification. MLE Africa Mission serves the deprived with a hand-up by celebrating the successes of one another.


The vision of MLE Africa Mission is to be recognized as a premier provider of a continuum of youth-centered and family focused services. The purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of the youth through mentoring relationships, assisting each student in various environments such as orphanages and placing attention on healthcare needs.

MLE Africa Mission works with youth and their families to achieve their highest potential as they grow to become confident, caring and competent individuals. The program actively collaborates with the educational system in providing related counseling and support services to those experiencing emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders. The program also assists in helping youth transition to less-restrictive educational settings. MLE Africa provides a stimulating environment for training education and research supporting skill development for students. Interns and professionals deliver therapeutic services to mentally challenged teens as well as at-risk families in a competent and compassionate manner.