Redcross Blueshield Gang Prevention, Inc. was designed for youth at-risk in low-income neighborhoods. Qualifying youth may meet the following guidelines:

* single parent household
* older sibling having history of gang and crime involvement
* below poverty level
* $21, 000 or less annual income
* qualifying for free or reduced-price meals
* below average GPA at school

1. Gang Prevention Education 
is designed to bring about an awareness to each student regarding their faith, their values, self respect, self esteem and a since of belonging. This is observed through role play and video, documentaries, song and dance, as the illustrations takes place gifts and talents and abilities are recognized and soon utilized. The students also receive information by outside resources such as Police officials and ex-gang members of the risk and consequences of being a gang member or its affiliation, drug trafficking, crime, violence and possible criminal charges this life style may carry.

2. Warriors of Hope Summer Camp We have (8) eight exciting weeks of life Long learning skills, while our fun trips provide new adventures daily. The children love to participate as they receive prizes and rewards from our point system.

3. Junior Warrior Leadership Camp Junior Warriors are graduates from our 4 year participation program little warriors. These individuals become camp counselors and exhibit great listening skills and maturity in the area of leadership. Upon completion of summer camp for mentoring and being a qualified leader they receive a stipend all junior warriors are 13-16 years of age.  

4. Community Outreach Project for Youth (C.O.P.Y) The Re-creation Center youth participants volunteer their time to work in the food bank and deliver food baskets throughout the year to the elderly and less fortunate. The youth prepare hot food to serve in local shelters and sack lunches to hand out in poverty stricken area. This team also participates in the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaway.

5. Teen and Adult Job Placement The Re-creation Center provides internships and quarterly summer and fall positions. Come join our team of job readiness training and job placement for all qualified participants with our partnership with Arapahoe and Douglas County job service center. The positions offered are often times within the center for mentor or camp supervisor.

6. Young Persons Committee A Committee of young adults and teen participants that bring their creative ideas and unite in decision making to expand the opportunities and experiences of the teens through biweekly activity and quarterly events of recreation, exploring, camping, hiking, concerts and stage plays. The committee participates in mentorship and leadership recruiting to build peer to peer interaction throughout the re-creation center.

1. Healthy Relationships - STD Prevention 
details coming soon!

2. Peer Pressure details coming soon!

3. Bully Prevention is designed to educate students regarding self-image and working through hurts and fears and expressing how God has created us after his image and his likeness. All students are challenged to be a better person to themselves and not choose to bully and harass or intimidate others that appear weaker or have a lack of.  The image of each individual that God has created like him wants to have full expression and to allow itself to flourish. Through self-awareness and education our goal is to empower every student with a positive insight of who they are and what they can accomplish through self-image.

4. Anger Management is designed for all students to develop coping skills and peer-to-peer interaction. This session also offers students skills to redirect their anger and negative energy towards a positive direction. This is observed through role-play, connect with kids curriculum and video.