“The people whom have influenced me ever since I started the community service to do better are my mom, and the people from Red Cross Blue Shield (Re-Creation Center). They’re the ones who really opened my eyes to see what could be of my life instead of it being something like prison or jail.…[Sharletta] Her story changed my life for the better, and I thank her for that. I’m happy I did this, because if I wouldn’t have done it, I would never hear her story, and I don’t know how I’d be thinking right now.” Luis Penaloza

“On the second day we went to the Red Cross Blue Shield (Re-Creation Center) place. We learned about our futures and how to make good choices. We heard many touching stories that have encouraged me to be a changed person. The Red Cross Blue Shield organization is a great place to be. They have a great environment, they make you feel comfortable with your situation and help you understand why you made that mistake and who you should stay around with and who you shouldn’t…These programs are just regular people making a difference in people’s lives…it’s work from the heart.” Aya Ksouri

“The Re-Creation Center has been part of my son’s life since the age of 8. Rakiem Flowers is now 18 and a highschool graduate attending college. My son has benefited from the program in many ways. This is a refuge for children. The program is wonderful and has kept my son out of trouble, taught my son how to have a positive thought process and has given him ambitions to succeed in life and give back to his community....The Re-Creation Center has been there for all major events and is an asset to the city of Denver. A structured program that cares about the well being of children and yound adults. Thank you, Ms. Bunny and The Re-Creation Center for your support over the years.” Juanita Walker