The Candy Drawer Store has been designed with our young people in mind. The store will be overseen by adult mentors majoring in business. The shelves are stocked with healthy food snacks and beverages, RC t-shirts, blazers, hats, wrist bands and our one of kind RC uniform. The Candy Drawer Store provides numerous benefits for each participant including employment, career development, and learning business concepts such as sales and marketing. This is for the adolescent or teen seeking a first time hands-on experience to learn. The Candy Drawer Store will also generate financial support to the RC. The public will also have the benefit to support the center. Important aspects of The Candy Drawer Store include:

  • Economical experiment to develop business value
  • Internships to gain real world experience, how to lower operating costs as well as giving participants an opportunity to learn for future successes.
  • Implementing all programs in the Re-Creation center to give participants an opportunity to experience a variety of business models.