Family and Marriage (Relationship Building) 
Director and Founder Joneen Krauth-MacKenzie, RN, BSN
The healthy relationship training center in Colorado is a national leader in technical assistance, training and community mobilization and collaboration. The Executive Director and Founder of RCBS/GP Inc. Sharetta C. Evans had the great opportunity meet the Executive Director and Founder of WAIT TRAINING Joneen Krauth-MacKenzie; scheduled and attended the training class and became certified in WAIT and was given the privilege to incorporate these dynamic tools and curriculum into our sessions. Males and female are in separate classrooms until the end of each session and brought together for further discussion. Sesssion 8 is for boys 12 - 18 years old. Session 9 is for girls 12 - 18 years old.
Couples Planning for Children (LS-Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-F.A.S) is an educational workshop that prepares married couples planning for children short and long-term goals in health & nutrition.  The balancing in disposition, through the observing of self-control, faith, sexuality and pregnancy. These sessions provide parenting classes for teenage girls 1 day per week to educate them on the risk of drug use and alcohol poisoning and other important factors that would cause harm to their unborn child. The topics that are discussed are relationships, prenatal care, finances and faith.

Single Parenting (Teens) is an educational workshop that provides adult parents with the answers to questions and concerns surrounding the topics of quality time with my children and what really counts, what are our rights as parents, communication skills and proper discipline.
Gateway Drug & Gange Prevention Education (Teens) is designed to educate the students on their development through the process of puberty, and how detrimental and addictive it can become on their mind and physical being to have the involvement with gateway drugs such as tobacco, marijuana and alcohol in this growing stages of their life.   
Gateway Drug & Gange Prevention Education (Adults) is designed to educate the parents by bringing awareness to them of signs of early detection of drug and alcohol use, also teaching parents how to confront issues surrounding substances use that can lead to substance abuse and dependency.